Tours & Hikes on Ometepe Island

in Lake Nicaragua

Transportation from and to San Jorge

Guided Tours around Ometepe Island

Exploring Ometepe on our guided tour is one of the best ways to get to know some of the most interesting sights the island has to offer to its visitors. You can chose from different options such as a full or a half day tour, different types of vehicles, minibus with a driver, motorbikes or regular bicycles. All activities are guided by a bilingual (spanish & english) and trained guide.
Please have a look at the following options to customize your excursion or ask us for our more specified tours like birdwatching or the petroglyph tour.

Full Day Tour

Half Day Tour

  • 8 Hours
  • Up to 5 different sights
  • English and spanish spoken
  • Individual tour or group tour up to 10 persons
  • 4 Hours
  • Up to 3 different sights
  • English and spanish spoken
  • Individual tour or group tour up to 10 persons

  • Come over to visit Ometepe just for the day

    If you are staying in San Juan del Sur or Granada and are interested in coming over to Ometepe just for the day to do a tour with us and get know some parts of the island please inquire for our rates. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to San Jorge to catch the 7am ferry over to Moyogalpa, where your transport with your guide will wait for you and start with your tour on Ometepe Island. Depending on which places you would like to include in your excursion we will arrive at the Moyogalpa dock for the 4pm or 5.30pm transport back to San Jorge. Our driver will wait on the main land to bring you back to your hotel in San Juan del Sur area or Granada.
    Moyogalpa main street, Ometepe


    This little town hosts the main port of the island and is the “busy place” on Ometepe. You can choose from a number of accommodations at different price ranges, as well as restaurants, banks and shops in this small town. Several places offer scooters, motorcycles and bike rentals.
    As its dock is the main transportation hub of Ometepe, several boat connections every day go between Moyogalpa and San Jorge dock on the mainland. A recently built airport for domestic and international use outside of Moyogalpa will be put into operation soon. Moyogalpa is an excellent base for tours all over the island and for volcano hikes as well.  ..more sights ↑

    La Punta Jesus Maria

    Punta Jesus Maria is a peninsula of volcanic origin, and a popular beach with locals on weekends.
    It lies just about 2km south of Moyogalpa, and depending on the varying water levels throughout the year, it can extend from 50 meters to 2 kilometers into the lake.
    This is also a great spot to enjoy spectacular sunsets as it is facing straight west.
    The name Punta Jesus Maria came from the fact that when you walk just a few meters past the sand line, it seems like you are walking on water, just like Jesus Christ.
    It is a short bike ride of about 15 minutes from Moyogalpa, whether you just want to go for a quick swim or enjoy one of the amazing sunsets this place offers.   ..more sights ↑
    Punta Jesus Maria on Ometepe Island
    Museos El Ceibo on Ometepe Island
    Museos El Ceibo Ometepe Island on YouTube
    © Museos El Ceibo

    Museos El Ceibo

    The archeological section of Museums El Ceibo contains pieces of pottery, tools, weapons, funeral urns and a room thematically dedicated to the position of women in pre-Hispanic society. All items displayed here have been found on Ometepe Island, mostly close to the actual location of the museum in San Lazaro.
    The second part of the museums is the numismatic section, in which you will find an exhibition of currencies used throughout Nicaraguan history, from gold and cacao to bills and coins as we know them today. The exhibition is in the order of a time line, ranging from the pre-Hispanic era to the present time..   ..more sights ↑

    Charco Verde Nature Reserve

    You can enjoy Charco Verde Nature Reserve by walking around a green crater lake located right next to one of the nicest, black sand bays on Ometepe Island. This spot is located in San Jose del Sur and is home to a great variety of birds, four troops of howler monkeys, turtles and butterflies. It takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours to circle around the lagoon and hike up to a gorgeous lookout, which has a great view of the green lagoon, Isla Quiste about 300 meters off shore and the mainland.
    If hiking isn’t your thing, just have a swim in the calm waters of the bay. Charco Verde Hotel is next to the beach and offers drinks and food to complete your beach experience.
    Kayaks are available at the hotel to do some kayaking on the lake or the lagoon.     ..more sights ↑
    Charco Verde Lagoon, Ometepe
    Ojo de Agua natural springs, Ometepe Island
    Ojo de Agua, Ometepe Island on YouTube
    © Dave Seminara

    Ojo de Agua

    The fresh and cool water which fills the two pools at Ojo de Agua is brought from the nearby spring, and is said to be rich in minerals and of a healthy character. Ojo de Agua lies centrally on the isthmus between the two volcanoes, still within walking distance from Santo Domingo beach area.
    This is a perfect spot to spend a lazy day or recover from a previous, more physical activity like a volcano hike or a kayak tour.
    The large trees surrounding the area give ample spaces of shadow, and complete the relaxing setting with its ranchos, hammocks and beach chairs. There is a restaurant on site which serves drinks and food. We recommend to visit Ojo de Agua during the week as on weekends it sometimes gets pretty full.   ..more sights ↑


    Altagracia is the biggest municipality on Ometepe Island and is located on the eastern side of volcano Concepción. The most popular places to visit here are the Catholic Church and the adjacent park showing Pre-Columbian sculptures made in basaltic rock. Some of these sculptures date back over 2000 years and were considered gods until the Spanish conquerors arrived at the island. The second place to visit is a little museum of anthropology and archeology of the area.
    About 1.5 kilometers outside of town is Puerto de Gracia, which connects the island with Granada on the northern and San Carlos on the southern shore of Lake Nicaragua. Boats leave Alagracia two times a week in each direction (Granada 4 hours, San Carlos 10 hours)  ..more sights ↑
    View of Concepcion, Ometepe Island
    Santo Domingo Beach, Ometepe Island

    Santo Domingo Beach

    This is the only beach on Ometepe with white sand and is located along the isthmus between the two vulcnoes. In the Santo Domingo area you will find shallow waters and time for relaxing. There are a few nice restaurants and hotels along the beach and further on following the beach to San Fernando and Santa Cruz, the first village on Volcano Maderas.
    Ojo de Agua for even more relaxing, and the Peña Inculta Sendero a nice trail for walking and bird watching in the mornings and afternoons are nearby.   ..more sights ↑

    Petrolglyphs El Porvenir

    This is by far the most easy to access and protected petroglyph site on the island. You will find several petroglyphs of different sizes scattered over the area. It is also the start and end point for our hikes up to the crater lagoon of Volcano Maderas.
    We also offer a more detailed petroglyph day tour, in which we’ll drive you around all of Maderas and show you 2 other sites in more remote areas. Please note that one of these additional sites is partially under water and only make sense to visit it between February and beginning of May.  ..more sights ↑
    Petroglyph on Ometepe
    Rio Istiam Kayak, Ometepe Island
    Kayaking on Rio Istiam on YouTube
    © Carole Hutchinson

    Río Istiam

    The Río Istiam area is a swampy terrain on the western side of the isthmus between Maderas and Concepción. It is only accessible by water and is a perfect spot to see all kinds of wildlife as it is a refugee to various species like birds, turtles, caimans, butterflies etc. A great way to see them in this stunning natural environment is on a kayak tour organized by our partners from Caballitos del Mar. This excursion leaves from Merida goes along the shore of Merida and enters Río Istiam from the lakeside. As a part of this day tour we suggest combining it with a visit to Ojo de Agua and the Petroglyphs at El Porvenir. You will find more information about the Río Istiam tours in the kayak section of this page. Río Istiam tours in the kayak section of this page.   ..more sights ↑

    San Ramon Waterfall

    It is a moderate hike of about 3.5 hours to reach the Waterfall just above the village of San Ramon. Please have a look at our page about the different hikes on Ometepe Island to find more information about the waterfall hike. The hike can be shortened by going up closer to the actual site in a vehicle and can be included into a day tour to allow you to visit various sights of Ometepe Island during the day.   ..more sights ↑
    Waterfall, San Ramon, Ometepe
    San Ramon Waterfall on YouTube
    © Otroviajero